Last stop on the way out of Napa

Last stop on the way out of Napa

We’re headed to Napa next weekend and couldn’t be more excited. We’ve leaned heavily on this sub for recommendations and we feel pretty good about our plan for the weekend. We have tastings scheduled at Buena Vista, Domaine Carneros, and Chateau Montelena. We travel with a 12-bottle Wine Check so we’re on a mission to come back to Georgia with some solid bottles that we can’t find at home.

My wife and I are both partial to sparkling, so I expect to buy 6-7 bottles at Carneros. Say 2-3 at Montelena, leaving at least 2 open slots before we head back to the airport on Sunday.

We’ll be leaving from Calistoga. I want to pick somewhere along the way just to stop and grab a couple special releases. I’d originally thought Schramsberg or Stag’s Leap. Both obviously very different but with a lot of options that just aren’t available in Georgia.

I don’t want this to be another “where should I go?” post, so I hope this is different enough. What bottle(s) under $200 would we be crazy to leave Napa without?

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